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                                June 14th 2014 Master's Exam at TKA


                             December 14th 2013 Black Belt Exam at TKA


                                                                 June 13th, 2011 TKA Geup Graduation


L-R: Claudia Knotts 3rd Dan, Jack Johns 1st Dan, Shannon McGuinness 1st Dan, Derek Johns 1st Dan, Josh Clem 2nd Dan, Andrea Shaffer 1st Dan,

Tracy Shaffer 1st Dan, Logan Shuck 1st Dan, Paul Shuck 1st Dan, D. Michele Kennedy 1st Dan, Mstr Kevin Green 6th Dan, Steve Clem 3rd Dan

TKA December 2009 Black Belt Graduates; Reggie, Erin and Ross Duffus              

            Hunter Ohaver, Reece Clem and Tammy Clem  Black Belt day                    Hunter Ohaver, Reece Clem

                                                 September 2009                                                                            and Tammy Clem

Bill Snoberger, Josh Clem and Rachel Schlosser's Black Belt day Dec. 2008           Eesha Bokil's new Black Belt


  Front row - Josh Clem, Ross Duffus, Reece Clem, Erin Duffus and Reggie Duffus.                        Master Jerry Borror 8th Dan

  Back row - Mstr Kevin Green, Steve Clem, Claudia Knotts and Tammy Clem                                  08/28/1941 - 04/23/2009



                                            TKA Graduating class December 21st 2009



       Steve Clem getting Reece Clem ready to spar                                



                Ross and Reggie Duffus                                       Reece Clem

                                                         A.M.A.A. Team Twister demo at TKA 03/2008


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