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Tristate Karate Academy


 Welcome to Tristate Karate Academy.  We are glad you stopped in.  We are a traditional Tang Soo Do and Chang Han  style Tae Kwon Do School with a comprehensive self defense programs that draws from many styles of martial arts and combat.  Please take a minute to browse our site and see what we have to offer.  Our site is continuously being updated so please come back often for news and updates, or better yet come see us at the dojang (studio)!!

Martial Arts Way of Life

            Martial arts is more than just another sport.  Itís a way of life.  Benefits such as the strength, respect, honor and self confidence that are gained from being a martial arts practitioner extend far beyond the dojang or studio.  These benefits affect every aspect of a martial artistís life outside the dojang.  Young practitioners develop a strong work ethic from martial arts study which they often carry with them in their school work and home life ultimately making them better students and better preparing them for success later in their life.  Adult practitioners will find themselves with more energy and physical fitness which leads to better concentration and work performance overall.

             Individuals of any age can practice martial arts safely and develop the skills needed to perform in the dojang and protect themselves and their loved ones in everyday life outside the dojang.  Martial arts study can be physically and mentally demanding at times, but can be practiced at levels of performance that are safe for each individual promoting better physical and mental health NOT injuries.  If you are interested in making these powerful positive changes in your life, please call us (301-268-3981) or feel free to stop by our school (dojang) and get started on improving the rest of your life!




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